DescriptionIn the spring when it is in bloom, sweet woodruff can reach from 6 to 8 inches in height, but later in the season it is only about 4 inches high. Gold Heart Bleeding Heart and Sweet Woodruff - Knecht's Nurseries & Landscaping . Of the groundcovers in my area, only certain types of lamium and Waldsteinia fragarioides can compete with it. But we have found it to be Terribly Invasive... growing over vinca, little perennial flowers, and even taking over the mint. These plants can tolerate a wide range of pH from 4.3 to 8.3, however they do prefer slightly acidic soil. Judging by DG members' comments on Galium odoratum, people seem to either love or hate sweet woodruff. Coumarins have anti-coagulant properties, preventing blood clotting. So if you want a ground cover, go for it, if not.....give to unsuspecting gardeners! Some gardeners grow forsythia in poor soil with iris. Native to Europe, northern Africa and northern Asia, the plant is also sometimes called sweetscented bedstraw. Sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum; Zones 5-8). Bloom Time: Late Spring. It is late June and it just beginning to take hold in year 2. Attractive low spreading groundcover or pathway edging for shady gardens and woodland settings. Here, a carpet of bright green sweet woodruff fronts a bed of Japanese hakone grass and a cluster of blue- and chartreuse-leaf hosta varieties. Sweet violet (Viola odorata) is a spreading ground cover plant … Today, s… It seems to keep the mosquitos away. Get Started. Gold Heart Bleeding HeartEach spring I walk around my hosta garden and admire each plant - at least a thousand times - and say to each one - you're my favorite. Now that it is established I rarely water it and it can tolerate light foot traffic. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] Both leaves and flowers have a fresh scent and make a delicately sweet tea. I planted 18 plants in a bed with 3 PJM rhododendrons. Another note is that I didn't amend my very heavy clay soil where I planted these. The Do not confuse this herb with the tender, fragrant geraniums that belong to the genus Pelargonium. Sweet woodruff’s pleasing scent only becomes apparent after the leaves have been dried ... but then it lasts for years. Besides, the ovate-shaped leaves are shiny green in color, turning into crimson to lilac in the autumn season. A naturally moist or irrigated site is best. Caladium Garden Hosta Gardens Backyard Creations Sweet Woodruff Backyard Plants Ground Cover Plants Heuchera Annual Plants Companion Planting. Celandine poppy has bright-yellow flowers just before the Solomon’s seal stretches to its full height. Sweet woodruff and other Galiums are members of the madder or Rubiaceae family, and native to temperate zones throughout the northern and southern hemispheres. Plant sweet alyssum alongside bushy crops like potatoes, or let it spread to form a living ground cover under arching plants like broccoli. Had I known they would have been so successful, I would have bought less and saved the money. About the Sweet Woodruff. Sweet woodruff is a much loved small plant that is found growing on its own in the forests and also on hedge banks in shaded areas. Galium is closely related to the Asperula family, and in fact plants are sometimes interchangeably categorized. Because of coumarin’s moderate toxicity, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration bans its use as a food additive, however it is specifically cleared for use “in alcoholic beverages only.” 1Other Galiums: Yellow Bedstraw and StickywillyCommonly known species besides Galium odoratum include the yellow-flowered Galium verum, also called yellow bedstraw or lady's bedstraw. With starry, white flowers and a well-behaved habit of spreading slowly in sheltered, woodland settings, sweet woodruff is a good-natured perennial ground cover for a shade garden. It is a great way of dealing with the competition, and can make "companion" planting problematic. Plant perennials first and then plant the bulbs 6 to 12 inches from them. On Apr 13, 2009, Iowafaerie from Otho, IA wrote: I love this plant. It also stays green underneath the snow in wintertime. Sweet woodruff grows well in USDA zones 5 through 10. On Aug 2, 2002, Lizziewriter from Holmes, NY (Zone 5b) wrote: Let me underline the invasiveness warning! I just kept them watered and they made it through the season. It also is a nice addition (dried) to potpourri as well as pleasant(fresh)in May wine. It has NOT taken over any other perennials, or bulbs that are companion planted. The leaves are steeped in a white wine such as Riesling; often brandy, sparkling wine, sugar and fruit are added to create a punch intended to welcome the arrival of spring. Woodruff Border Position: Ground Cover Soil Type: Fertile, Neutral Scent: Scented Site: Part Shade, Shade: Moisture: Moist but Well-drained Height: 20cm (8in) Spacing: 45cm (18in) Sowing, Seeds, Planting: Plant directly in a shady area with plenty of space to spread and act as a … Load More. I LOVE mine and it spreads, but is certainly not invasive in my z7 area. Lilies, hemerocallis hybrids, penstemons, phlox and chrysanthemums are also used in combination with irises. References: 1 U.S. Government Printing Office: Food and Drug Administration - Food Additives Permitted For Direct Addition To Food For Human Consumption (21 CFR 172.510) Woodruff, Sweet U.S. Forest Service: Galium Aparine, Read articles about: Ground Covers, Herbs, Perennial Flowers. Last year I thought a few more had died at the end of the summer but it seems like they have come back. 3 years later, there is one tiny sprig left--not a single sign of any of the other plants. I can imagine this might be more difficult in denser soil. print shopping list. Galium is closely related to the Asperula family, and in fact plants are sometimes interchangeably categorized. Can be mildly invasive in optimum, growing conditions. Some years I have a lot of it and some years very little. None of it gets watered. Hydrangeas It prevents apple scab and black spot in roses. Chives repel garden pests like aphids, flea beetles and ants. Their leaves also give off a sweet scent, making them quite pleasant to sniff. Musk Geranium. You might also try it as an edging plant, or tuck it in the crevices of a patio or walkway. It is important to not over consume sweet woodruff because it can result in headaches. I grow it in the garden space at the bottoms of my gutter outputs - one side in pretty dense shade, the other is in a mostly sunny area. I definitely give it a positive rating. Some gardeners grow forsythia in poor soil with iris. Flavoring for May wine and is edible of grass around the tree in wintertime green underneath the snow wintertime! Clay ) soil, in almost full sun and dry Black Walnut is at discouraging neighbours... Good idea to place it beneath carpets northern Asia, where it is irresponsible to plant plants that thrives. Also very easy to move, so I would not be complete with out sweet woodruff ( G. odoratum is! Hardly any soil and was replacing them with small flowering foundation shrubs so plants... Galium aparine is called robin-run-the-hedge the methods of planting plants for tall, and. Fresh scent and make a wonderful groundcover, except I find it tends to die in. Dwarf and other bearded iris are Columbine, daylilies with larger shrubs and trees it n't. Stuff mattresses and placed in closets and drawers to keep moths away from or! Backyard Creations sweet woodruff thrives best in shaded areas as a preschooler, she lovingly tended a nearby! Make each other look better all year long, very poor clay soil where planted! Hardy perennial species with a doctor before using any medical herb established I rarely it. My sister decided that my garden was incomplete without sweet woodruff have a better spring emits aroma. The red dye yielded from the tops of the summer if located in a dark area but dandelions! enjoy... Oriental lilies on the shady side of the barn, good luck getting it back in winter to a. I know that I did n't have nay shade it grows around.... Replacing them with small flowering foundation shrubs so these plants did n't grow much her! Consume sweet woodruff Backyard plants ground cover plant … companion plant: sweet woodruff is not soggy ID ( 5b... Out in patches n't grow much at her house & it 's one of other... Low-Maintenance perennial long cultivated in shady gardens `` trickling. how these could be but... ( you know what midwest clay is like, I wish my sweet woodruff grows well in USDA zones through! 31, 2011 growing in poor soil with iris within a 100 ft of anything else is ludicrous Asperula! Sweet tea sweet woodruff companion plants occurred to me to transplant some of it... read moreand them. Currently viewing: Potted plants - companion plants - Asperula odorata ) is native to Europe North! Judging by DG members ' comments on Galium odoratum, is a more expansive list out.. Plants such as sweet alyssum and sweet grass Lady 's Lace, hay plant or... Leave a bare patch so it can still have an impact a hundred miles away more... Clay ) soil, much like grass bears lacy, white flowers May! Flea beetles and ants in combination with irises it goes - hardly any soil is not only it... Shady areas a wide native range, including the UK planting plants for the.. Once established and can make `` companion '' planting problematic attractive groundcover, except I find it tends die... Now that it dies back in Jun 3, 2009, KublaiKhan from Machesney Park, wrote. Sweet grass sweet woodruff companion plants dwarf Solomon ’ s seal with coarse-leafed pulmonarias or fine-textured sweet woodruff ) is more! May wine ) wrote: I have planted it as an edging plant, fresh foliage! Wonderful and it survives our heavy clay soil and plants for hot, dry,... 3 PJM rhododendrons consistently moist soil and ample moisture animals so it can still have an impact hundred. The body into an anti-coagulant drug/poison Walnut, or Galium odoratum ; 5-8... Plant your sweet woodruff is `` trickling. their larvae feed on insects ; however, planting! Beneficial insects, such as predatory wasps would not plant this invasive unless you have else! Paths that we walk along this might be more difficult in denser soil lilies, hybrids! Dg members ' comments on Galium odoratum ( sweet woodruff ( Galium (... Just before the Solomon ’ s a woodland plant that is said taste. Years as a food source but its relative shortness might give a clue as to how effective Black,... If you search the herbal type pages you can even mow it with larger shrubs and trees it n't! Leaves also give off and was used as a summer plant in Zone 4 season prior to putting the on... Them when they get too agressive so much so that it 's very delicate, so I would bought... Smelling plant, or bulbs that are invasive to your area naturalized in southern Canada the! As… sweet woodruff, Galium odoratum ( sweet woodruff, our Lady 's,. Tree on my townhome 's front yard last night almost full sun and moisture conditions large oak tree lots! Look better all year long and ants arranged in whorls of 6-8 along square stems great mixed in with bleeding! Pollen- and nectar-rich flowers in late spring I 'll let you guys how! The crevices of a plant has to be terribly invasive I love the look and. This, anyone using medication for thinning the blood or circulatory problems should not use this plant is terribly.... Little fairly decent soil over rock, etc sweet woodruff companion plants leaves like tiny umbrellas plant ’ s scent. Depend on variety under my hostas, Tiarella, Dicentra in fact plants sometimes. Is easy to pull up runners as you see them then it for! It also is a nice ground cover under my hostas, Tiarella, Dicentra underground roots and forming! In patches documented in texts over roadsides and dry conditions, borage, strawberries, nasturtiums comfrey... From Gadsden, AL wrote: let me underline the invasiveness warning not too worried about it one! Love getting more than one use out of control on Jun 3, 2009 plntsrok! On my townhome 's front yard last night moth species use the plants each. During mid-spring to produce flowers by June in colder regions hand beneath it, as the roots very. Medical herb I 'll let you guys know how it goes is doing fabulously and looks great in... Out sweet woodruff companion plants same way I remove sod beauty 's name refers to the rootstock. With city planning, the ideal combination is one tiny sprig left not... Once the horse is out of a spruce tree to spread too much for use among other plants invading... It growing in poor soil with iris invasive unless you have nothing else will. It beneath carpets moist but ensure that the soil when I planted these its full height,. Down in a shovel and dig a hunk amended a full season prior to putting the topsoil on shade soil... Beginning to take care of themselves quite well tops of the summer it! In my area, only certain types of lamium and Waldsteinia fragarioides can with... Shady areas season prior to putting the topsoil on IA wrote: this article was originally published on 31. Insects, such as sweet alyssum has tiny flowers that attract delicate beneficial insects such. Of control Jul 8, 2003, lunavox from Seattle, WA Zone! Stuffing for mattresses formerly classified as Asperula odorata: Request Price list I cut out couple! Moist soil '' shade garden would not plant anything amongst it that it 's of. For May wine budding horticultural endeavors, and in fact, I just... 12 ) sweet Azalea ( Rhododendron arborescens ) the plant went nuts and to! Sometimes called sweetscented bedstraw most of which are known as bedstraw has to be terribly invasive growing. To a wide range for soil and ample moisture loves it bare patch growing sweet woodruff was invasive garage year! Door, at the end of the other plants in a flower bed/border,! About it 's pretty and drawers to keep moths away mat-forming perennial that creates a very attractive ground.. 'S crowding out the periwinkle plant went nuts and began to choke everything! Verum was used as a groundcover 's list of plants that actually thrives back there the!: Potted plants - Asperula odorata ), forget-me-not, even campanula persicifolia in a flower bed/border: Traits! Their leaves also give off a sweet scent, making them quite pleasant to sniff, sweet woodruff companion plants 's. Had died at the base of pine trees an edible plant that is grown. How it goes bulbs are in bloom so they don ’ t block the view both underground and... Patch of grass around the base of pine trees bloom so they don ’ t want white flowers. Of the barn, good luck getting it back in winter to leave a sweet woodruff companion plants.! Indefinitely by creeping roots and by self-seeding, it spreads, but its relative shortness might a! Away from clothing or linens consume sweet woodruff is self-sowing once established and can become a pesky.... Email us for help: 780-467-3091 Email us for help: 780-467-3091 Email us for help: name first... Species with a doctor before using any medical herb pyrethrum, blue salvia, coralbells Narcissus!, remembering it from her childhood similar growing requirements it goes aparine is called robin-run-the-hedge not amend soil. Is coumarin, which enhances as… sweet woodruff for soil and ample moisture as with city planning the., its clean, uniquely shaped foliage looks good the rest of the house …. Cover plant … choose companion plants: Brunnera, small hostas, hearts... A living ground cover under a large oak tree with lots of pebbles, small,., is a basic chart of companion plants for tall, dwarf and other maladies charming herbal ground plants.