The ship is believed to have sunk in international waters after the EPIRB distress signals were activated in early 2013. A ghost ship infested with hundreds of cannibalistic rats may end up beaching on Britain's coastline, experts have warned. If you believe the headlines , it’s full of cannibal rats, and it’s heading for England. People saw it near the coast of Scotland in 2016. REMAINS of a missing Russian ghost ship that was taken over by hordes of cannibal rats may have washed up in California. TODAY, CANNIBAL RATS COULD STILL BE JUST OFFSHORE, NEAR YOU. Newspapers from the U.K. to the U.S. were reporting a sensational story this week about an abandoned cruise ship drifting across the Atlantic with a crew of cannibal rats … We've been hearing all day about how there's a ghost ship lurking in the waters off the coast of England, and that it's probably packed with cannibal rats. And now, the rats. It’s a ghost ship—a 1,400 ton ocean liner of a ghost ship. In 2014 there were fears a ghost ship full of diseased cannibal rats was about to crash into the coast of Devon or Cornwall (Image: Lilpop,Rau&Loewenstein/Wikimedia Commons). I mean there's nothing else to eat. “Cannibal Rats” There had even been rumours at one point that the ship had become overrun by “cannibal rats” according to one contributor to the documentary. And once the rats ran out of food, they became cannibal rats. So just imagine this huge ship, filled with cannibal rats, maybe running ashore near you? How a 1,500-ton ocean liner turns into a cannibal-rat-infested ghost ship Reuters/US Coast Guard/Handout The Ryou-Un Maru, a Japanese ghost ship … There was no one on board. Neither of those things are true. In January 2014, there was speculation based on an interview with a salvager in the British tabloid The Sun that the ship might be nearing the coast of England and be infested with cannibal rats. Reports in 2014, suggested that the ship with ‘cannibal rats’ which posed a threat as the National Geographic suggested that it could end up off the coast of Ireland. Scientists claim the cruise vessel MV Lyubov Orlova sunk at … However, given that it vanished off the coast of New Foundland, on Canada's east coast, how the ship reached the west coast of the US is unclear. Crazy. Beleaguered MV Alta on rocks in Ballycotton not the first mysterious ship to haunt our shores This ship is rumoured to have been taken over by hordes of cannibal rats. Except for rats. The abandoned Lyubov Orlova has been missing since it … The … A Russian cruiser with ‘cannibal rats’: What other ‘ghost ships’ could be out there? Tabloid speculation.