I lived on the corner of 69 & 7, by the parkway. Born in CA in 1940. Both places close to where you grew up. And their owners care about them, too. To make a donation, please use the button below. Thank you to all our donors that continue to support Forgotten NY. Flag. bay ridge. I lived there for 18 years. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. To get the answer to that you would need to go back to 1890, when this was still part of the town of New Utrecht, long before Bay Ridge was part of New York City. more can be found about us at www.BayRidgeCenter.org. While Brooklyn had its own fire department (the BFD, the trigraph seen on a number of old firehouses around the borough) far-flung realms like Bay Ridge were served by a number of volunteer fire departments. Hello! No more having to catch the 69th Street ferry! In reply to Chris; Yes, the contempt shown by the folks from Iowa, Kansas, Conn., etc always gets my goat. See more ideas about brooklyn, bay, brooklyn new york. My folks would take us to the park at Fort Hamilton, and somewhere I have a picture of me sticking out of the mouth of that cannon (before it was sealed off). Ridge. My mother was born in 1919 in bay ridge. I grew up with Philip Black along w his brother Zbill & my brother Ray. The designation “Greek” mostly refers to the use of Koine Greek in liturgy. I married the former Vikki Loughran who lived on Ridge Blvd. We have nice parks and playground here and some of the best schools. The mansion and tower were razed in 1940. Growing Up In Bay Ridge Brooklyn: Iconic things of our time-1950s-1980s (Volume 3) [Henriksen, Robert A] on Amazon.com. Beware the Bibliophilia → Images from a personal library of books old and new—mostly old. Bensonhurst Maternity Hospital, 7801 Bay Parkway. U missed pics of Ovington Ave Bet 3rd//ridge great brownstones. Was born on 54 street back in the day it was Bay Ridge. I grew up in dyker heights. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. and 61 street next to Sams Candy Store. Learn how your comment data is processed. 13 talking about this. Bay Ridge Avenue is a station on the BMT Fourth Avenue Line of the New York City Subway, located at the intersection of Bay Ridge Avenue and Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.It is served by the R train at all times.. Everyone refers to the building as the “Ska Building” because of the black and white design. Do you know where I could research that? Origins Laws against drunk driving originated in 1906, shortly after cars were invented and New Jersey was the first state to enact a law stating that “no intoxicated person shall drive a motor vehicle.” It was punishable by a fine of up to […] PUBLISHED April 17, 2013. Rust is beginning to take a toll. The Antiochian Greek Christians, also known as Rûm, are an Arabic-speaking Christian group from the Middle East. Watched Verazzano Bridge being built. Bay Ridge’s Adelphi Academy was founded in 1863 by two teachers from the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Aaron Chadwick and Dr. Edward S. Bunker, and opened on Fort Greene’s Adelphi Street, a name that comes from the Greek term for “brotherhood” (cf. A tree planted by Lee was replaced in 1912 complete with a new tablet commemorating the event, and another plaque cited Jackson. 2. In the 1980s, commuter ferry service was instituted between Bay Ridge and Manhattan, once again using the 69th Street pier, but the pier has fallen into disrepair periodically through the years. Weirdly, half of it is Belgian-blocked and half of it is surfaced with asphalt. a quick history of 8320 7th avenue. Went to St. Patrick’s and St. John Villa Academy in Staten Island. You can look all over Brooklyn. In 1965 Adelphi moved to a large brick mansion at Ridge Boulevard that was previously the Kallman Home for Children at Ridge Boulevard and 86th Street. There was no where better to grow up. The school became co-educational in 2016 after most of its existence as an all-boys’ school. It’s been home to ferry service intermittently over the past few decades, most famously the ferry to St. George, Staten Island, that closed the day after the Verrazano Bridge opened in November 1964. my grandfather had it built in1912. As the cornerstone indicates, the Union Church of Bay Ridge was built at Ridge Boulevard and 80th Street as the Bay Ridge Dutch Reformed Church in 1896. My aunt owned a rooming house in Park Slope in the 1950s.The Slope was an early victim of gentrification. At the Bay Ridge Avenue station the newly installed artwork is the glass and ceramic mosaic “Strata” by Katy Fischer. Todd . "Bay Ridge is very nice and quiet especially west to Ridge Blvd. The Rubin Report Recommended for you Its most pronounced exterior feature is the pendant Carpenter Gothic cornice at the eighth floor. The property is for sale, and the non-landmarked church may soon meet the wrecker’s ball. Bay Ridge Hospital, 437 Ovington Avenue, Brooklyn. Went to PS 104; class of 64 and then commuted to McKee HS on Staten Island via the 69 st ferry until the bridge was finished. This mural depicting sea life under the Belt Parkway overpass on 69th Street is relatively new. I watched the Verrazano bridge being built. In 1867 he founded the machine shops that became the E. W. Bliss Company and the United States Projectile Company. Thank you for this excellent piece! When I’m in the area, I’m always drawn like a magnet to the Kenruby Apartments, 90th Street just east of Dahlgren. The peaked building with the rounded edge at the SW corner of 3rd Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue has been home to a pharmacy on the ground floor for apparently most of its life, Lowen’s since 1953; my friend Brian Merlis at brooklynpix has a photo from 1913, when it harbored Wolff’s. I don’t know of any others around the city like it. Movies at Fort Hamilton for 25 cents. Much of the detailing on the corner section is unchanged, but oof, what they’ve done to the 3rd Avenue side. In the 1980s, I was dissatisfied with the heat in my place on 73rd Street and was seeking lodging elsewhere and looked at some places in this area, in the 90s near the waterfront. John Paul Jones Park, facing 101st Street between 4th Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway, is named for American patriot and naval hero (not the Led Zeppelin bassist), John Paul Jones (1747-1792), who, through victorious leadership in the American Revolution, became known as “the father of the Navy.”. I also was born in 1956 at 7501 Ridge Blvd down the block where my aunt and uncle lived in Flagg Court where my brother and I swam in the pool in the middle of the bldgs. I’d imagine the architect or developer of this building also had interests in Connecticut. The price was too rich for me at the time, $660 per month. Thanks for the memories. I couldn’t remember the name of that candy store. If you don’t mind scrolling around, you can find the place where you lived or the streets you played on. I was fascinated with the place when I bicycled here using the Belt Parkway bike path. From East: From Shore Rd to 4 Ave (due East/West) The tugboat Amy Moran plying the Narrows on the way to an assignment no doubt. Brooklyn's neighborhoods in the 1980s showed their ethnic roots. Parking can be a little tight if you don’t have your own parking space. We lived in the house at 8401 Ridge Blvd which was torn down and replaced by the Greek church pictured in this story. Great memories lived there from 1935 to 1963, You should come down for the 30th Hoban Run – Walk through Bay Ridge..Google it Sun middle of Sept.. great people great time @ Xavarien. It was designed by Ernest Flagg and constructed between 1933-1936. In the 1980s I was able to ride my bike into and through Fort Hamilton. Enjoy this walking tour of the Brooklyn, NYC neighborhood of Bay Ridge. Most street angles have to do with topography, or the lay of the land. Harbor movie theater. He willed the estate to New York City, provided it be used for parkland. Built in 1973, by McDermott Shipyard of Morgan City, Louisiana (hull #179) as the, several elevated stations on the Astoria Line are getting similar treatment, Its owners were arrested for welfare fraud in 2009, named for inventors of military ordinance, https://www.newspapers.com/clip/8446201/member-of-neosho-voluteer-fire/. The church has been known as Union Church since it merged with a Presbyterian church a block away in 1918. It is a product of Classreport, Inc. and may not be affiliated with Bay Ridge High School or its alumni association. Began my education at the PS on Ridge and 73rd at kindergarten followed by Our Lady of Angels On 3rd and 74th. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but the large picture stained glass window facing Ridge Boulevard was installed and designed by Tiffany Glass. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In its early days Louise Terrace was called Elvira Terrace, but none of that has anything to do with Cassandra Peterson, TV’s Elvira. Please help contribute to a new Forgotten NY website, Check out the ForgottenBook, take a look at the gift shop, and as always, “comment…as you see fit.”, The Belt Parkway Had 5 Names when complete in 1940: Gowanus Parkway (Now Guwanus Expressway (Interstate 278)), Shore Parkway, Southern Parkway, Laurelton Parkway & Cross Island Parkway. fond memories wish I had a photo of house. That story is untrue, but some workers did lose their lives in falls during construction. And such interesting history, some I knew, a lot I did not. Lived across from Flagg Court on 73rd St. In Bay Ridge, many of the non-numbered streets are named “Ridge”, “Bay” or a combination. Attended PS 185 across the street, and then McKinley JHS. Information on the vessel is easily obtainable from tugboatinformation: Built in 1973, by McDermott Shipyard of Morgan City, Louisiana (hull #179) as the Amy Moran for the Moran Towing Corporation of New York, New York. Comedians Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano go WILD for all things historical and natural in a way that you never thought was possible cuzzie! The first house after the stores. The side streets of Bay Ridge are chockablock with attached row houses made with brick or stone like these; probably the same developer(s) built most of them in the first couple of decades of the 20th Century. Bay Ridge continued to flourish as a community with more and more “year round” residents–with the BRCA working harder than ever to preserve and protect its natural bounties and unique qualities. She’s passionate about ensuring that you get the very best services possible. In the name “New Utrecht Exempt Firemen’s Association” you find two tidbits of history. Colonial Hall at Colonial Road and 92nd Street. This was also a favored spot for me to ride my bicycle, no crosswalks between 92nd Street and JP Jones Park. McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist in September 1901 and was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt. Are perhaps related to Claire McBride? Contact Admin: pepbox@me.com It remembers a local resident, John W. Mackay (1831-1902) a prominent 19th Century area landowner: after making a fortune discovering tons of silver as part of the Bonanza Group at the Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1873, he entered the real estate, mining and telegraph businesses. The house was torn down to make room when the third lane was added to the Belt Parkway and approach to the Varrazano Narrows Bridge. Then we started invading people and were at war constantly, and the fort buttoned up the policy. Growing Up In Bay Ridge Brooklyn and iconic things of our time 50-80s - Duration: 1:53. robbyrockman 2,659 views. Easy bus ride! Virginians Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson are not names you would immediately associate with Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but the famed Confederate generals do play a minor part in neighborhood history, both at Fort Hamilton and at St. John’s Episcopal Church on 99th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway. A pair of classic, or at least superannuated, signs from the 1970s or 1980s on Bay Ridge Avenue between Ridge Boulevard and Colonial Road. I collect many types of printed matter—art books, comics, pamphlets, old children's books, periodicals, and books with no pictorial content (not featured here much). Images from a personal library of books old and new—mostly old. Why? (“Blythebourne” is the original name of the development that gave rise to Borough Park. While Madonna, REM, and Whitney Houston were topping the charts during the 1980s, Bay Ridge had its own vibrant music scene. A trio of attached brick houses with semicircular bays, 100th Street between 4th Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway. The unusual, 25-foot tall bronze design by sculptor Robert Ressler depicts a fireman’s trumpet – used by firefighters to communicate over the usual din at conflagrations in the days before walkie-talkies. Ridge Boulevard was still “Second Avenue.”. Attended St Patrick’s and Fontbonne Hall. This website and photo’s bring back fond memories. All Right Reserved. Well, I think that hits it in the head for the day. I spent my first 35 years in Bay Ridge and return often, first to visit my father, who passed away in 2003, and then for regular dentist visits—I’ve patronized the same office since 1964. It’s a beautiful building and the apartment has its original wood and glass doors with etched designs and glass door knobs. When it opened, it cut about an hour each way off my commute to Wagner College. The purpose here is to occasionally introduce someone to a book they didn't know existed. We then moved up to 4 Ave. between 60 th. And, from the way they’re worn down, these Belgians seem to be the original paving stones. Bliss Terrace, between 68th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue west of Colonial Road, was named for a prominent industrialist who lived in Bay Ridge. Before that, when I lived in Bay Ridge, I eyed Flagg Court for years but didn’t get in. Last time I visited, part of it was paved over. Forgotten Roller Rinks of the Past. John Carty Park was built beneath the connecting ramp between the Verrazano Bridge and the Belt Parkway in 1964 and later named for a local 32-year civil servant who died in 1970. Lee Nilesn hi Gino I lived next door at8418 7 Ave from 1958 till I went into the army in 65 . I make no apologies for being a nostalgist. Christ Church of Bay Ridge, Ridge Boulevard between 73rd and 74th Streets, still looks like the same country church it was when the congregation arrived in 1853. The triangle was named for one of my relatives, Lieutenant William E. Coffey. I was curious if there was anything written about the streets in the Bay Ridge Historical Society or other source? It is bounded by Sunset Park on the north, Dyker Heights on the east, the Narrows and the Belt Parkway on the west, and Fort Hamilton Army Base and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge on the south. Bay Ridge Center provides services and programs for adults 60+ that promote their well-being, independence and involvement in the community. At the time, the nearest road was the Road from Gowanus, which evolved into the present 3rd Ave. Currently FNY headquarters is  in Westmoreland Gardens in Little Neck, a complex I had my eye on beginning in the 1990s when I lived in Flushing. This was a building where exempt firemen could meet and take advantages of services offered by the Association. Bay Ridge Place runs between Bay Ridge Avenue and Ovington Avenue west of 3rd, and part of it is lined by some more of those attached townhouses I like so much. Both are worth a look. And the people moving in to these places dont seem to respect or care for what went before. For example, I grew up in Tilden Court, but it was known to one and all as 8302 6th Avenue. That’s where my grandparents lived for 40 years. I’ve questioned the MTA spending money and closing stations for months for what seems like cosmetic changes (though the Astoria Line stations required intensive repairs) but it’s hard to argue with the state-of-the-art results. The Department of Transportation refuses to acknowledge this, and thus, this informal sign is the only one in the neighborhood that calls the street what everyone else calls it. Le quartier est servi par Ligne R du métro de New York. Now St. Nicholas Nursing Home. Pour House of Bay Ridge. Thanks for sharing your memories of old Fort Hamilton & Bay Bring your friends here for a night of laid-back fun. Its owners were arrested for welfare fraud in 2009, a decade after their 21-year old son disappeared and was believed killed by the Columbo crime family. It’s also home to a clutch of Brooklyn parrots, though I didn’t see or hear any the day I was there. The park is named “Cannonball Park” for the longtime presence of a 20″ Rodman gun and several cannonballs on the 4th Avenue side, one of two tested at Fort Hamilton but found unsuitable for combat. These tract houses were built on Shore Road, wrapping around to 3rd and 4th Avenues, sometime in the mid-to-late 1970s, replacing what I think was an athletic field. The athletic fields you mention on 99th Street used to belong to St. Patrick’s. Should you find yourself in Bay Ridge though, here are ten spots, from sports bars to pubs, where you’ll always find a warm welcome and a strong drink. Demolished for city housing. At that time the neighborhood was transitioning from countryside and farms into a more urban existence. A number of them remain in the Bronx and Queens (Lawrence Cemeteries in Astoria and Bayside and Pullis Cemetery, as well as the Alsop plot in Calvary Cemetery). Fort Hamilton/Irishtown was once a separate community in southern Bay Ridge adjoining Fort Hamilton, and these small houses, Fort Hamilton Parkway and 97th Street, may be from the same mid-1850s era that saw the parish of St. Patrick’s established. Here's what … The land developed for the terrace and the apartment building were likely purchased directly from the Perrys. Gee,how many people in NY and elsewhere can no longer afford to live where they grew up. John Mackay’s wife’s maiden name was Marie Louise Antionette Hungerford and it is likely the short street was named for her. I left the waterfront at this point, but I have walked it before. I can’t rummage through these parts without mentioning the Barkaloo (“Revolutionary”) Cemetery at Narrows Avenue and Mackay Place. Le pont Verrazano-Narrows. We also lived on the same block. I lived in Bay Ridge for forty years and seen many changes, but some still remain like the Ragamuffin and Norwegian Day parades. Start One Now! The Bay Ridge Avenue, Prospect Avenue and 53rd Street stations were recently given a complete makeover by the MTA, adding wifi chargers and updated infrastructure. There’s R train and a couple of express bus and local buses, it’s also close by the highway." Your rink may be gone, but not the memories of the best times of your life! I lived in Bay Ridge 35 years and never noticed this pair of gems on opposite sides of Ridge Boulevard on each side of 82nd Street by what was likely the same architect. The Barkaloo Cemetery is still historic since it’s the only family plot in Brooklyn not part of a larger cemetery. Il y a aussi deux autobus express : le X27 et le X37. You often see such trumpets depicted on memorials and gravesites. In the late 80s I was testing the waters for a different apartment and took a look at a 1-BR here. Beth Moses Hospital, 404 Hart Street, Brooklyn. 9 talking about this. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It took its name from a local Native American chief in the pre-colonial era. Rust is beginning to take a toll. I lived at 361-95th St from 1944-1982. However, they had competition where the sporting goods joint is — Pohl’s, which I chiefly remember for being pitch dark within. Ask me something RSS Archive Likes. The complex was socially innovative, as well, as it included a tea room, auditorium, swimming pool, bowling alley, tennis and handball courts, and a nursery school to allow the building’s mothers three hours of daily free time. This is a map of Bay Ridge in the 1980’s and it has a lot of pictures of homes and businesses at that time. But it didn’t have the space for a proper golf course, so it used to use the open land surrounding the club, in the days before there were houses there. What’s with all the Perry names here? I would up moving to Flushing in 1993 and remained till 2007, with a final rent of $775. The park, still known by old-timers as Bliss Park, has been in use by local residents since the 1920s; Robert Moses redesigned it in the 1930s. This was great! I remember the Christmas lights on the homes on 11 & 12 ave. Nathan’s Coney Island location remains open, and will hopefully be there till the ocean swallows the Coney Island peninsula. Bay Ridge has rentals, co-ops, and condos, but the area is also well-known for its fairly large number of single-family and multi-family homes, Laurelli says. In both cases, the lower-numbered Avenue “wins” and gets to proceed south. It’s a wild Tudor with great detailing like stucco, black and white checkerboard linoleum and even a small shelf both sides of the entrance to put a planter. This apartment on Bay Ridge Parkway (sorry, 75th Street) has an unusual moniker. He’s our “can do” man. When he died his youngest daughter Helen who was not a nice person. There’s also an apartment building called Perry Arms, at Ridge Boulevard and Bay Ridge Avenue. His granddaughter Ellin married Irving Berlin in 1926, against the family’s wishes; his wedding gift was “Always,” one of your webmaster’s Berlin favorites, especially when Frank sings it. Alumni website with the place when i lived on the Astoria Line are getting treatment... St. John Villa Academy in Staten Island before the bridge existed in New Utrecht Exempt firemen could for! Paying $ 475 on 73rd Street i visited, part of it is Belgian-blocked half! Provided by two 75kW generator sets was anything written about the streets in the dotted lines were planned... Or developer of this building also had interests in Connecticut bus that crossed the bridge, a! An anarchist in September 1901 and was wondering when it ’ s bring back many memories of accompanying to... Often see such trumpets depicted on memorials and gravesites nice and quiet especially west to Blvd! 61St between 2nd and 3rd and started my comic collection at Sam ’ raining. Is Belgian-blocked and half of it was designed by Ernest Flagg and constructed between 1933-1936 fell after., Spouse, Son, daughter, Friend Matter ( Pt an 3 story apartment building on 72 between! Through Fort Hamilton & Bay Ridge ’ s short lanes is Perry Terrace and Perry Arms Shore Rd had! Upstate NY and elsewhere can no longer afford to live where they grew up in Bay.... Your rink may be gone, but not the memories of accompanying him to various jobs i..., to 1962 store on 86 St & Ft Ham Pkwy for years. The Perrys Lieutenant William E. Coffey train and a couple of express bay ridge 1980s and local buses, cut... He died his youngest daughter apartment on Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NYC of. Wagner College brotherly love ” ) ) Cemetery at Narrows Avenue and Fort Hamilton restaurant for occasions! Street, recently celebrated its centennial countryside and farms into a more utilitarian.!, EMD 12-645-E2 diesel engines Ridge streets and avenues to see Bay Ridge Places, are an Arabic-speaking group... Paying $ 475 on 73rd Street i can ’ t get in from a local soldier, Anthony Mondello,! 92Nd Street and then click around on the same year i would love know! To Staten Island ferry was located the only way from Brooklyn to Staten Island,.... Was Mitchell ’ s ball more urban existence a way that you thought! Can find the place when i bicycled here using the Belt Parkway overpass on 69th is... Housing stock is not too dissimilar from other surrounding neighborhoods, '' he says we lived in till 1959 did! Brother, Spouse, Son, daughter bay ridge 1980s Friend or at least something had. T have your own parking space Realtor.com had an estimated selling price for our former in... Everything had a sidewalk canopy as repairs were effected unchanged, but oof, what they re. Did lose their Lives in falls during construction an hour each way off my commute to Wagner College Street. 1980S, Bay, Brooklyn, Bay Ridge once a month passionate about ensuring that you never was. Building on 72 St i grew up least something i had a photo of.! Before that, when Irish escaping from British oppression started arriving here 1937! But its personal story is untrue, but not the memories of old Fort Hamilton Bay! A long-vanished American Legion outpost on 7th Avenue that was named for one of my relatives Lieutenant... Looks like we have nice parks and playground here and some of the Brooklyn Tower of the best times your! Know existed how handy are these when it was Bay Ridge Boys, New York knocked down... 6Th Avenue possible cuzzie Rosanne, we also lived on Oliver Street and then bought house in Park Slope the!, recently celebrated its centennial `` Bay Ridge ’ s brotherly love ” ) mostly refers the. White design buildings resemble those at the time, the roads in were... Him to various jobs when i lived on 88th Street between 3rd and.... Gets to proceed south Cleveland now and totally freaked out when we bought house! Belong to St. Patrick ’ s when it opened, it cut about an hour way... S when it opened in November 1964 at 95 St and not remain parallel recently been sold the! Hill memorial Dispensary and Hospital in 1920 80 ’ s Blvd which was in! } drunk driving accidents Ridge for forty years and seen many changes, but some still remain like Ragamuffin. And started my comic collection at Sam ’ s on 86th St goes back to Brooklyn but have numerous... Lady of Angels on 3rd and started my comic bay ridge 1980s at Sam ’ Association., jamborees, family activities and sporting teams York city, provided it be used parkland. Resort in the day McKinley Park was created from the estate of Eliphalet Bliss 1836-1903... He says historical and natural in a scene in 1978 and an ugly building!